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Modem Troubleshooter

Read the Safety Procedures. Very Important!!!

If you are having trouble using your modem, here is some steps you can try. (The hyperlinks will take you to a page to give you directions how to maneuver around that section) If first step doesn't fix the issue then move on to the next.

  1. Before troubleshooting there is specific questions you need to answer Click here for the questions.

  2. Check the phone connection. Sometimes the phone line can become loose. Also most modems have two jacks. Make sure the phone line is in the correct jack.

  3. Disconnect the phone line from the computer and hook it to a phone. See if you get a dial tone.

  4. Connect the phone line back to the computer and attach a phone to the modem. See if you have dial tone through the computer.

  5. If the computer is hooked to a splitter or through another device, try connecting it directly to the wall.

  6. Connect the system to another wall jack to see if it is that jack.

  7. Try removing all phones on the line and see if it connects. A bad phone can interfere with the connection.

  8. Check device manager for bangs

  9. Try limiting MSCONFIG

  10. If you know the last day that it worked and have Windows Me or Windows XP, you can try a system restore.

  11. Try deleting Telephon.ini and running tapiini.exe.

  12. Try a repair of Internet Explorer.

  13. Remove modem from Windows.

  14. Boot to Safe mode and make sure the modem is not listed in the device manager in safe mode. If it is then delete it.

  15. Set BIOS to default clear nvram.

  16. Reinstall modem driver.

  17. Try the modem in a different PCI slot (remove all other PCI cards such as sound card, network card etc except for the video card.)

  18. If your sound card is working try it in the slot that the modem was in. This will tell you if the slot on the motherboard is working.

  19. Try using HyperTerminal to see if it will connect to a bulletin board.

  20. Try another modem that you know works. If that don't work then it is a software issue.

  21. If you have Windows XP, you can try a repair of windows.

  22. Try the Software Troubleshooter.

  23. Reinstall the operating system

Click here to setup up Dial-up Connection in Internet Explorer