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Case fans 

Read the Safety Procedures. Very Important!!!

There are numerous types of case fans. They are used to cool the system down. Heat will slow and damage a system. It is very important to keep it cool and for it to have an air flow. Here is what a fan looks like

case fans.jpg

This is only an example. They come in different sizes, colors and shapes. They usually just clip onto the computer case. They are powered by the power supply either directly or through the motherboard. Some fans have a connector that you plug on the motherboard and it is powered via the motherboard by the power supply. Others use a free IDE power connector from the power supply.  

Airflow 101:Setting up your fans and keeping your computer cool

Fans should have an arrow to indicate which direction they blow.

Caution: Fans can start making noise. Do not put a pencil or some other object in the fan to see if the noise goes away. Serious injury can occur.