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DOS Command Discomp

Type: External (1.0 and later)


DISKCOMP [d:] [d:][/1][/8]

Purpose: Compares the contents of two diskettes.



DISKCOMP compares two disks, track by track, and displays the numbers of tracks that are not identical.

If you enter only one drive designation, DISKCOMP compares with the disk in the currently active drive.

If you enter one drive designation that is the same as the current drive (or if you don't enter a drive), the comparison will take place on one drive. DISKCOMP will prompt you when it is time to insert each disk to be compared.

Disks copied using the DISKCOPY command should be reported to be identical when checked using this command; however, disks copied using the COPY command may not be identical since DOS may not copy files to the same locations on the disk.



/1 - Causes only the first side of the disk to be compared (even if the disk is double-sided).

/8 - Causes only 8 sectors per track to be compared (even if the disk contains a different number of sectors per track).

If differences are found on a track, the program will display an explanatory message. For example, if track eight on side one are not the same, DOS will display

Compare error(s) on track 8, side 1

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