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DOS Command Install

Type: Internal (4.0 and later)


INSTALL=[d:][\path]\filename [parameters]

Purpose: Used in the CONFIG.SYS file to load memory-resident programs into conventional memory.



In the past, INSTALL may have saved you a little bit of memory because it does not create an environment when it loads a program. With DOS 6.0 an environment is created, so the extra memory is no longer gained by using the INSTALL command (memory-resident programs can still be loaded from the AUTOEXEC.BAT file).

DOS includes the following memory-resident programs that can be loaded using INSTALL: FASTOPEN.EXE, KEYB.COM, NLSFUNC.EXE, and SHARE.EXE.



parameters - Specifies any parameters that are required by the memory-resident program.



To load the DOS KEYB.COM utility, located in the DOS directory on drive C, in memory, enter


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