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There is numerous websites on the internet that tries to help everyone by posting issues and the fixes for the issues, so others can benefit. However during my history of troubleshooting, most websites will not post the issue on their website but put a link to someone else's website that has the fix. They do this because the link doesn't consume their website space, where having it listed would.

The problem with the links is that the website that has the fix may change the location of the fix, the website expires, or the website is down. This causes the link to be invalid. There has been times, I would find several solutions but each solution was a link to another website. Majority of the time, the link does not work any longer. Microsoft as well as other sites are good about relocating web pages and causing links to them from external websites to become invalid. Sometimes it takes hours to find a site that still has a valid link or the fix for the issue.

I decided that the technicians needed a site that they can go to for help and if they find the issue they are looking for, they will also find the solution for the issue (the issue may not have an actual fix but if that is the case, it will be noted that way). This way if I post a fix for an issue, it will be available as long as the fix is needed. The technician doesn't have to worry about broken links. Majority of pages I have on the site are pages from my site. There is a few pages that are of another website but only a few. Either I haven't gotten to add the page to my site yet or there is too much involved to put it on my site. However majority of the fixes I have found, I have put them on my site. At the time this page was created, this website has over 3000 pages and still growing. I am the only one that works on this site. I have created and maintained it solely on my own time.

The website is free to access. I also offer free email support at Please be patient if you email me with an issue. This website is not my means of support. Therefore I have to work elsewhere. This website is only ran by one individual. That individual is me. I try to be prompt on my responses but due to time restraints, there is times that there is a delay.


I offer web design, computer support online and onsite, and software support. I do not build computers or sell computer parts. I feel it is a conflict of interest to sell and service computer parts. If I worked on a computer and also sold computer parts, the customer would not know if I am telling the truth if I state they had a bad part on their computer. They wouldn't know if they actually had a bad part or I am trying to sell them a part. Since I don't make money selling parts, I have nothing to gain by it.

If you come across a page that has incorrect information, misspelling or other errors, please let me know.