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USS Dale CG-19 sinking 

USS Dale CG-19 is a Leahy Class Cruiser commissioned in 1963 


The greatest ship to ever sail the 7 seas!

Sad Note!

United States decided to end her life by using her as target practice. In one way it is a fitting end for such a great warship. However on another viewpoint, it is hard to swallow. They teach you during your naval career to save the ship and what do they do? They sink her!

I was told that the video below is the video of the USS Dale getting hit by the missile. I have been told that this doesn't look like the Dale. It is not a very clear picture of the ship. I am not positive it is the Dale or not. Watch it and make your own decision on it.

Here is a video of it.


Here are pictures of the ship getting hit


Here are pictures of the ship getting hit