Computer and Software Support

Remote Services

If you are having a software issue such as

  • Virus

  • Error messages

  • Need help with installation of a program

  • Need help using a program

  • any other software issue

I can assist you with the issue. You are free to search for a fix or instruction for free on my website. However if you prefer having me work on it, I can connect to your system and assist you.

The cost is $50 for up to 4 hours of assistance.

I use software that is built into windows to connect to your computer so there is no risk involved with the software. You will be able to see what I am doing. The software allows you to disconnect me at anytime, with our without my permission.

Notice: When I do connect to your system, I will see what you have open on your desktop, so if you do not want me to see what you have open, please close the program. 

To get assistance, do the following

  1. Contact me at

  2. Be sure to put in the email the times you are available for assistance. I will contact you and make arrangements with you to assist you.

  3. When I contact you, I will have you go to this page to initiate the connection.

  4. I will also talk to you about the cost and if you agree to service, I will have you pay for the services by clicking the Pay Now button below.