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Hard Drive Diagnostics

Below is links to different manufacturers of Hard Drives. Due to limited space, I am unable to have the files stored on my server. These are links to the websites for each Hard Drive manufacturer. Hopefully they won't change the location of the file but if they do they link may become unusable. If that is the case you may have to go to their website and browse for it. If one of the following links do not work, please email me and let me know.

Also some computer manufactures have a built in diagnostics for the hard drive. Majority (not all) Dell computers have built in diagnostics. HP has the diagnostics in their bios (you will need to enter the bios to run the diags on theirs. Not all HPs have that feature)

CAUTION: A hard drive that is failing my still operate (for a short period) However, running diagnostics can make it completely fail due to the extensive tests it runs. If you have data you do not want to loose, back up the data first.  

Most people have ATA hard drives. The newer systems are coming with Serial hard drives. Choose ATA for the type of diagnostics for both ATA and Serial.

There is different options on the downloads. (Some of these may not be available)

  • CD - You can download the CD version. You will need Nero, Sonic MyDVD or other CD burning program that writes ISO images. This is the best choice because it has the full diagnostics on it. You will be able to run the extended diagnostics on the hard drive and you should run the extended. To run the diagnostics after you create the CD, boot to the CD.
  • Bootable floppy disk - Allows you to download a file that creates a bootable floppy. In most cases, you just download the file and run the file. It will tell you to insert a floppy and then it will create the floppy. Check the site for exact instructions on creating the floppy. In most cases, to run the diagnostics, reboot the computer with the floppy in. 
  • Some of the newer versions is windows based and will check the hard drive within windows. I do not know the name of this version due to it varies upon manufacturer.

NOTE: If you are downloading the floppy version, download it to the computer. Don't download it directly to the Floppy drive. The utility creates the floppy and if you download the utility straight to the floppy drive it won't be able to do that.

Following is external sites. They site may relocate their files causing these links to be bad. Please email me if one doesn't work. Thanks!

Hitachi        Maxtor        Samsung      Seagate    Western Digital (floppy version)     Western Digital (CD version)        

NOTE: Some or all above will not detect ATA or SATA hard disks connected to embedded or add in RAID controllers. Check the instructions at the manufactures websites for information on the diagnostics and RAID controllers.

NOTE: These diagnostics is only a tool. Most of the time, it will find a problem with the hard drive if there is one. Just because the diagnostics pass, does not guarantee the hard drive is good.

Click here for instructions on burning an .ISO image using Nero.

Click here for instructions on burning an .ISO image using Sonic MyDVD

If you do not have a program that will burn an ISO image, download this utility.

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