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Call from Microsoft scam 

 If you get a call from Microsoft stating that they detected a virus or any other issues on your computer and they need to connect to it, ignore it. It is not valid. Here is the reasons why

  • Microsoft does not monitor the activity on your system (or at least not supposed to and if they are, they are not going to admit to it by notifying you

  • You have no way of knowing if the person is actually from Microsoft


Do not give them any information and do not allow them to connect to your system.


The only time this would be valid is if you had contacted Microsoft first for assistance with your computer and they requested calling you back. Therefore you would be expecting a call from Microsoft. However they would refer to you calling them previously and not that you have a virus. If they state they are returning your call but you didn't talk to them previously, then just hang up.


I forgot about this scam till my friend Kevin reminded me of it. Thanks Kev!