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Texting while driving scam

There is an app on Facebook that is trying to gain access to your account so it can spam your account and send messages to all your friends. There is more than one app that tries this but the one I am talking about here is


It asks for permissions


It requests permission to post to your wall. By doing this it can post spam on your account and it asks for access all the time so it can do it as much as it wants.

Be careful granting permissions of this nature to any application that asks for permission to access at any time. If it is one time access, more and likely it is safe (still be cautious) but if they want access at any time, that should raise a flag and be careful. Be sure you know the app is safe before allowing it.

If you grant it to a scam, they will slam your account and friends with spam and might even get your password.

There are apps on Facebook that is safe and may even want access to your account at any time. However before granting that type of access be sure the app is safe because they can access your profile and post at anytime without your consent.