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Incompatible Devices and Software 

Windows 10

Every piece of software on the market is incompatible with a device or software. Majority of people will not experience this issue. However it does happen. 

Here is a list of items that have issues with Windows 10.  NOTE: the issue may not be with Windows 10 but a hardware device on the computer that conflicts with Windows 10. In other words, the device may work on another Windows 10 but not on this system you are having issues with. This is just a guide to assist you. The device or software listed may or may not work on your Windows 10 system.


  1. Logitech Trackman Wheel Model T-BB18

  2. Long delay for videos to play in Google Chrome in Windows 10

  3. Facebook is slow on Microsoft Edge

  4. Taskbar size on two different size monitors in a dual monitor setup