Computer and Software Support

 Install Return to Castle Wolfenstein

To install the game do the following.

  1. Insert Disk one into the CD-Rom drive

  2. Do not use the autorun to run the setup. Click Open folder to view files

  1. Right-click the Setup.exe

  2. Click on Run as Administrator

  1. Enter the product Key.

  2. The install will have you swap out the disks a couple of times

  3. If you are having issues getting it to run, see what version your game is and see if there is any patches for the game. If you are still having issues, your disk may be scratched or bad.

Tip: When you buy a program, create an .iso image of the CD. If you ever lose your CD or it gets damaged, you can create another disk. If you don't have the .iso image to create a new one, you would have to buy the software again and that can be expensive. Creating a backup of the software is legal because you are doing it for backup and not to sell or give out.