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Troubleshoot Keyboard

If you are having an issue with a keyboard, try the following

  1. Was any liquid spilled on the keyboard? If so, you may have to replace the keyboard.
  2. A key could be stuck. Unplug it from the computer and press every key on the keyboard to see if it gets unstuck. Also sometimes an object can get under a key and this should fix that issue.
  3. When you type the letters are not moved over but instead are replaced.
  4. Set the BIOS to default and clear NVRAM
  5. If the keyboard is USB, make sure the USB features in the BIOS is enabled.
  6. Make sure the keyboard is plugged into the correct port. Today most PS2 ports are color coded (not all systems though). Purple is keyboard and Green is mouse. Some systems will not allow the keyboard to be plugged into the mouse port and some systems will allow you to plug the keyboard in the mouse port. If you have it in the mouse port and the keyboard is not working, that could be the cause.
  7. If you do have it in the correct port, swap ports with the mouse. If your system will allow the ports to be swapped, you can see if the mouse works in the keyboard port and if the keyboard works in the mouse port. If they do then the motherboard is bad.
  8. Try the keyboard on another system. If it works there then the problem is somewhere on the system. If the problem occurs there than the keyboard is bad.
  9. Try the keyboard in DOS. If it occurs in DOS than the issue is in Windows and it is a software issue.
  10. Install the latest driver for the keyboard. Go to the website of the keyboard and see if there is a driver for it.
  11. Check the settings of the keyboard in control panel Go to control panel (This link will open in a different window)
  12. If you are using a program for your keyboard (such as touchpad software), Uninstall it and see if the default keyboard driver works fine. If it does work ok with it uninstalled, reinstall the software and see if the problem comes back. If it does, then there is either a problem with the software or a setting needs to be changed in the software.
  13. If you cannot wake the system up with the keyboard, the issue may be a setting
  14. Try the keyboard without the PCI cards.
  15. If the keyboard works, then put one PCI card in till the problem comes back.
  16. If the problem you are having is the wrong character appears, click here for help with this issue.
  17. If you are still unable to figure out the cause of your keyboard problems try a different hard drive.
  18. Try the Software Troubleshooter
  19. If you are still having the issue and you have ruled out the keyboard as the cause, then the cause is either hard drive or motherboard. If you have reinstalled your operating system or tried another hard drive then the issue is with your motherboard and it will need to be replaced.