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Memory Troubleshooter

Click here for information on memory.

Click here for instructions on installing memory.

If you are getting an error while in windows try the following steps.

  1. Use Software Troubleshooter
  2. Check Computer issues for possible causes
  3. If you have only one memory stick, try it in a different slot.
  4. If you have two or more sticks of memory, and your system doesn't require all them in at one time, you can try each stick one at a time. Also try each stick in each slot one at a time.
  5. Try running the memory diagnostics.

If your system will not come on but gives beeps or indicates a memory issue. Try the following (Not all steps apply for all systems. Just skip the steps that don't apply)

  1. Remove all PCI cards.
  2. Remove the Video card.
  3. Disconnect the Hard drive, CD-ROMs, and floppy drive
  4. Try reseating the memory.
  5. If you have only one stick of memory, try it in all memory slots
  6. Try turning system on without memory. Do you get same beeps and Lights in back (Some systems have LEDs to indicate system errors)
  7. If you have more than one stick of memory and the system can operate with only one stick, try each stick in each slot without the other memory.
  8. If the motherboard has a CMOS jumper, move the jumper to reset the CMOS. (check the manual for your system for instructions. Each motherboard has different requirements. If they are not followed properly, the motherboard can be fried).
  9. Reseat the processor (CPU). Use caution on this step. Improper handling can harm the CPU.