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NOTE: HijackThis is an excellent program. It will tell you if the file is safe, unknown or nasty. Don't assume that the file is nasty if HijackThis reports it as nasty. Research the file before deleting it to make sure it is a nasty file. Also back up the registry before deleting a file.

To use HijackThis follow these procedures

  1. Download HijackThis
  2. Double-click on
  3. Double-click on HiJackThis.exe
  4. Click on Run
  5. Click on OK
  6. Click on Do a system scan and save a logfile
  7. In Notepad, click Edit
  8. Click Select All
  9. Click Edit
  10. Click Copy
  11. Open another Internet Explorer window
  12. In the address bar type or click here
  13. Make sure the cursor is blinking under the box under You can paste a logfile in this text box
  14. Click on Edit
  15. Click on Paste.
  16. Uncheck Show the visitors ratings
  17. Click Analyze
  18. Scroll to the bottom of the page
  19. Click on Save Analysis
  20. Highlight the address in the address bar
  21. Click on Edit
  22. Click on Copy
  23. Send an email to
  24. Click in the body of the email
  25. Click on Edit
  26. Click on Paste to paste the link in the email
  27. Open another Internet Explorer Window
  28. In the address bar, type and press Enter or click here
  29. Make sure cursor is blinking in the box under Enter a long url to make tiny
  30. Click on Edit
  31. Click on Paste
  32. Click on Make TinyURL! button
  33. Highlight the new link
  34. Click Edit
  35. Click Copy
  36. In the body of the email you created earlier, paste this link in the body
  37. Send the email.

I will examine the contents and get back with you.