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Annual Reminder

All Hands: This notice is to inform you of the Baguio Retiree Assistance Office (RAO) mission; the availability of informational assistance to fellow veterans; and the purpose of the Director's associated Newsletter. The service provides a POC for anyone who has queries on Veteran issues and/or residence in this Geographic area. It also provides a means for Veterans to keep abreast of benefit changes and/or pending Veteran related legislation.

Bulletin Updates are sent twice a month...on the 1st & 15th. Twice a month allows time for readers to digest the info and make any inquiries they may have. It is understood that not every article that goes out is applicable to every reader but over a period of time every reader will find some article(s) of interest to him or her personally. Unfortunately, the Bulletin cannot be sent to some users of AOL and a few other servers. It does not meet their big Brother policy of deciding what their readers are allowed to receive. A few other servers such as Juno & Netzero allow their readers to receive the Bulletin but will not allow me to communicate with them.  I can receive their messages but they cannot receive mine. Anyone currently in receipt of the Bulletin receiving duplicate copies let me know.  Those who no longer want to receive it just click Reply and add the word “Remove” in the subject line.  If you decide you no longer want the Bulletin feel free to drop me a line in the future if you ever need any assistance.

     The Baguio Retiree Assistance Office [RAO] is basically an "answer place" for all Veterans and Expats in addition to providing FPO mail services; Forms; U.S. & RP Government Services; etc.. There are no longer any bases in the Philippines and the Embassy is 180 km over the last 18 years it has become the unofficial source for just about everything related to Government Programs impacting on those residing in this Geographic area. Because of our remote location...the majority of Veterans' assistance is provided by email. All questions received via email are responded to with either an answer or a source of where to obtain an answer. If you do not receive an answer within 72 hours, your inquiry was probably never received...and you should re-transmit it. The variety of questions, and subsequent research to answer them, has resulted in the development of a 2500+ page Library of articles,  a 70+ page index of article titles available upon request for recall,  and a Email Directory of over 70,000 email addees for dissemination of the newsletter to other RAO/RSO's, Military Fraternal Organizations and interested Veterans worldwide. The objective is to provide Veteran related information to at least one member of every Veteran Group worldwide who can act as a point of contact to pass on any information felt germane to that Organization's membership. Through their involvement, the Bulletin info presently reaches approximately half a million Veterans and/or Dependents.

     Our RAO meets the criteria, and is recognized as an "Independent RAO" and source of Veteran related info. However the Bulletin is not an "Official" DoD sanctioned newsletter. The articles provide items taken from a wide variety of sources that have been edited or editorialized for retransmission. They also include info to ease transition into the Philippines for those who may be considering relocating there. The information contained therein is just that...informational (FYI). The objective is only to PASS THE WORD in order to keep our Military Community informed. It is the responsibility of readers to verify exactly how information applies to them if they intend to expend funds or time in following up on the data provided in the articles. Unless you have questions concerning Veteran's issues to be answered, there is no need for comments. Although it's nice to get the occasional "thanks for the info", it's not necessary, and just adds to the 50+ emails I receive daily. I do not send out jokes - prayers - religious material or music - chain letters - photos - etc., so please reciprocate by not sending these to me. Nor do I normally participate in "political stuff" unless it is essential to an article being presented in the Bulletin. I would greatly appreciate that you not forward personal political comments/beliefs/prejudices, but I am always open to anything that could benefit other Veterans.

     Updates are sent either Bcc or via a Newsletter Mailing List provider, so recipients are not bothered with large headers nor have their email addee revealed to others. If you want to know if anybody else in your organization is receiving the Bulletin just ask. Articles contain subjects of interest to all Veterans regardless of Geographic location. The existing addees on the directory are about 2%:98% local vs. worldwide. The Bulletin content is for use in any way you see fit and retransmit is encouraged. Sources are provided wherever possible so readers can re-validate info if they desire. The primary source is always listed first and if multiple sources are used it is indicated by "++" after the primary source in the source line. Sometimes my Internet servers are inhibited in their ability to send to other servers worldwide because of filters incorporated by these servers to block spam. However I can always receive incoming messages. If you do not receive your Bulletin just let me know. Request all communications be sent to my primary email addee even though you may be receiving the Bulletin from some other addee. The email addee of any veteran or military fraternal organization can be added to the directory if desired. It only takes a click on the "Unsubscribe" line at the end of each Bulletin to drop anyone off later if they find the Updates are of no use to them. Of course, there are no charges, advertisements, or solicitations associated this service. Nor do we accept donations.

     If you are interested in other articles contained within the Bulletin, they can be forwarded via email. Attachments sent should be virus free, since it is our policy NEVER to open incoming attachments because they might contain a virus. My installed Norton Anti Virus program tells me about 1% do.

     At  you can view the current and review past Bulletins sent in the last 5 years. Bear in mind that the articles shown in these Bulletins were only valid at the time they were written (normally indicated in the source line) and may have since been updated. At this site, you can also find the Bulletin Index to identify any articles you may want to recall. They will be provided upon email request.

"Mabuhay from Baguio City, Philippines"
Lt. James "EMO" Tichacek USN (Ret)
Associate Director RAO Baguio