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DOS Command Append


APPEND Drive: \Path /X /E Path:on or off


Drive: Is the drive letter  to be searched.
\Path Is The path to be searched.
/X :on or :off Extends the DOS search path for specified files when executing programs. Processes SEARCH FIRST, FIND FIRST and EXEC functions. The :ON and :OFF are new to version MS-DOS 5.0,
/Path :on or :off   If path is already included for a program file, :on tells program to also search in appended directories. Default= :on. Note: The default value of = :on was added in MS-DOS 5.0 and above
/E Causes the appended path to be stored in the DOS environment and searched for there.
 ; Use ";" to separate multiple Drive:\path statements on one line.


Note: You are not able to use any paths on the same command line as /X & /E. The :ON and :OFF options can only be used in MS-DOS 5.0 and later. Do not append within a Windows environment. The append command can be used on a network. Invalid drive specifications will not be detected until DOS attempts to use the search path to find specified files.

append - using append alone will display the current search path.

append c:\location;c:\documents;c:\files - Sets the computer to look for files in the docs, letters and files directory, therefore when typing a command such as

edit myfile.txt if the file is not present in the current directory would also look for the file in location, documents and files.

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