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DOS Command Country


COUNTRY=country code,[code page][,][d:][filename]

Purpose: Used in the CONFIG.SYS file to tell DOS to use country-specific text conventions during processing.



The COUNTRY command affects the following items: date and time formats, the thousands and decimal characters used in numbers, the location and symbol used for currency, upper-to lowercase conversions, and alphabetical sorting order. The filename indicates a file that contains country-specific information (the default file name is COUNTRY.SYS).

An application program must be written to support the international features of DOS, otherwise the settings specified with the COUNTRY command will be ignored (refer to Appendix B for country-specific information).



countrycode - A three-digit number used to specify the country code you want to use. The countrycode numbers are generally based on the international long-distance telephone codes. The default value is 001 for the United States.

codepage - Specifies the character set to be used for the specified country. The default code page for the specified country will be used if no codepage is entered.

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