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DOS Command Drivparm


DRIVPARM=/d:number /c /f:factor /h:heads /i /n /s:sectors /t:tracks

/d:number Specifies physical drive number. Numbers must be in the range
of 0 to 255.
/c Specifies that the driver will be able to tell that the floppy disk
drive door is open.
/f:factor Specifies type of drive. Default value is 2.
0 - 160K/180K or 320K/360
1 - 1.2 megabyte
2 - 720K (3.5 in. disk)
5 - Hard disk
6 - Tape
7 - 1.44MB (3.5 in. disk)
8 - Read/write optical disk
9 - 2.88MB (3.5 in. disk)
/h:heads Specifies the maximum number of heads.
/i Specifies an electronically-compatible 3.5 in. floppy drive.
/n Non-removable block device.
/s:sectors Number of sectors per track, ranging in value from 1 to 99.
/t:tracks Number of tracks per side on the block device, ranging from 1 to 999. Default values will vary depending upon the factor selected.


DRIVPARM=/d:1 /c /h:2 /s:9 /t:80 = Configures a 3.5" 720k floppy drive. This line would be loaded in the config.sys.

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