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DOS Command Edit

Type: External (2.0 and later)


EDIT [d:][path]filename [/B][/G][/H][/NOHI]

Purpose: Starts the MS-DOS editor which is a text editor used to create and edit ASCII text files.


The MS-DOS Editor is full-screen text editor which includes pull-down menus with options for creating, editing, saving, and printing ASCII files. It includes extensive online Help.


/B Displays the MS-DOS Editor in black and white. This option should be used if the Editor isn`t displaying correctly on a monochrome monitor.

/G - Uses the fastest screen updating for CGA monitors.

/H - Displays the maximum number of lines possible for the monitor you are using.

/NOHI - Allows you to use an 8-color monitor with the MS-DOS Editor. Normally, DOS uses 16 colors.


The MS-DOS editor requires the QBASIC.EXE file to be in the current directory, in the search path or in the same directory as the file EDIT.COM.

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