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DOS Command Files 

Type: Internal (2.0 and later)



Purpose: Used in the CONFIG.SYS file to specify the maximum number of files that can be open at the same time.



You should specify a FILES= value of at least 20 to satisfy most of today`s application programs. Some programs, such as Windows, may require as many as 30 or 40 files. If you have not allocated enough files for an application, an error message may be displayed. If this happens, increase the number of files available and restart your computer. You should be aware that some programs change the FILES= value in your CONFIG.SYS file automatically. After installing a new program, be sure to check your CONFIG.SYS file to make sure the setting will work with your other applications.



number - Specifies the maximum number (8 to 255) of open files that DOS will allow. The default value is 8.



To set the maximum number of files that can be open at the same time to 40, enter the following in your CONFIG.SYS file:

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