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DOS Command Select

Type: External


SELECT [d:] [d:][path][country code][keyboard code]

Purpose: Formats a disk and installs country-specific information and keyboard codes In DOS Version 6, this command is stored on the DOS supplemental disk.


SELECT transfers country-specific information, such as date and time formats for a country. After the target disk is formatted, the program transfers the CONFIG.SYS and AUTOEXEC-.BAT files. Then the contents of the source disk are transferred to the target disk. For more information on country codes, refer to Appendix B.

The source disk may be either drive A or drive B. If you do not enter disk designations, drive A will be assumed to be the source disk and drive B the target disk.

If you select a fixed disk as the target drive, the program will prompt you to type the correct label for that disk. If you enter the wrong label, the SELECT process is terminated. If you enter the correct label, the program will display this second warning:

Proceed with Format (Y/N)?

If you type N, the SELECT process will be canceled. If you type Y, the fixed disk will be formatted, erasing all the data currently stored on the disk.



country code     This is a three digit code to indicate the country information stored in the COUNTRY.SYS file (or a replacement file).

keyboard code     This is a two character code to indicate the keyboard layout used. For more information, refer to the KEYB command.



To create a new DOS disk in drive B with country-specific information for Spain, enter

   select a: b: 850 sp

A warning will be displayed, giving you a chance to cancel the disk format before proceeding.

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