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DOS Command Undelete


UNDELETE [drive:][path][file][/DT][ /DS][//DOS]
UNDELETE [/list][/all][/purge][/status][/load][/U][/S][/T][-entries]

/all Automatically recovers all files specified.
/list All available files that are able to be undeleted are listed however not recovered.
/DOS Restricts the recovery to those files that meet the file specifications (filespec) in the disk directory table.
/DT Restricts recovery to files within the Delete Tracking File.
/DS Restricts recovery to files within the SENTRY directory.
/load Loads the undelete program into memory using information found in the UNDELETE.INI.
/unload Unloads the memory resident portion of the Undelete program from memory.
/purge[d] Deletes the contents of the SENTRY directory.
/status Displays the type of delete protection present on the computer.
/S[d] Enables the Delete Sentry level of protection and loads the memory resident portion of the UNDELETE program.
/Tdrive[-entries] Enables the Delete Tracker level  of protection and loads the memory-resident portion of the UNDELETE program. The optional [-entries] allows you to specify the maximum amount of entries found in the PCTRACKR.DEL file with a maximum of 999 and a minimum of 1.


undelete c:\windows\system\*.* /all = This command would undelete all files that may have been deleted in the windows system directory.

undelete /list /dos =Lists the files that you can recover when only standard tracking is enabled.


This program / command was designed to only be ran in MS-DOS versions 5.0 to 6.22. If you have upgraded to Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT, or any other Operating system this command will not restore any information but may possibly cause additional issues with the Hard Drive if ran. If you currently are running a different operating system it is recommended that you pay a third party to restore the information from your Hard Drive. Or possibly purchase a program capable of restoring files

The following is a list of well known third party companies that have the capability of restoring lost files.

  1. Action Front Data Recovery
  2. CBL Data Recovery Technologies Inc.
  3. DriveSavers Data Recovery
  4. Lazarus Data Recovery
  5. Ontrack

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