Computer and Software Support

Network diagnostics 

Follow the following steps to access system information. It is a tool that will give you all the information about your system.

  1. Open System Tools 
  2. Click on System Information
  3. Click on Tools
  4. Click on Net Diagnostics
  5. Click on Set Scanning Options
  6. Put a check in Domain Name System (DNS)
  7. Put a check in Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)
  8. Put a check in Default Gateways
  9. Put a check in Protocol Address
  10. Put a check in Windows Internet Naming Service (WINS)
  11. Click on Save Options
  12. Click on Scan your System
  13. The diagnostic tool will scan your system 
  14. A screen will appear with the results
  15. Click on Save to File

Now you have information pertaining to your network. You can open the file in your browser. You can also email the file if you need to send it to someone.

If you need pictures to help you navigate through the above steps, email me and I will send the steps with the pictures included.