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Repair feature of Windows

Note: This utility usually does not work and can harm your personal data. Try this as a last resort.

  1. Reboot your computer with the Windows XP CD in the CD drive.
    The following message will appear on a black screen with white letters: Press any key to boot from the CD.
  2. Press the <Spacebar> to boot to the Windows XP CD.
    After several moments of initializing some modules, the Windows XP Setup screen will appear. 

NOTE: The second option reads R=Repair, Do Not Press the <R> Key at this time. This option is for the Recovery Console.  There will be another repair option available in the process.


  1. Press Enter


The Windows XP Licensing Agreement appears.

  1. Read the license agreement.
  2. Press the <F8> key to agree.


Setup will search for previous versions of Windows.

  1. Press the <R> key to repair.

NOTE: Setup will examine your computer and copy files to the Windows installation folders. This process will take some time. Once it has completed, setup will initialize and then restart the computer.

NOTE: Do not press any keys when the message Press any key to boot from the CD appears. Let Windows boot normally.
 NOTE: The amount of time it takes to complete the above process will vary depending upon the size of the hard drive and the speed of your system. You can step away from the computer at this time.

Setup will pause at the Regional and Language Options window.

  1. Click Next
  1. Click Next

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