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Network Troubleshooter

If you are having a problem with your network, use this troubleshooter.

  1. Before troubleshooting there is specific questions you need to answer Click here for the questions.
  2. Make sure you are using the correct cables. There is crossover cables, straight cables, and other types of cables. If you use the wrong type, it will prevent the network from working.
  3. Make sure the cables are plugged into the router correctly.
  4. Try other cables to see if the cable is bad.
  5. If you have another system, try that system to see if it is the computer or a problem outside of the computer.
  6. Try a different port on the router.
  7. Make sure the router is configured properly
  8. Make sure the DSL/Cable modem is configured properly. (some use PPOE and require a special setup for it to work with a router. Consult the manufacturer on how to set it up)
  9. Make sure your network card is installed properly. (If it built into the motherboard, then just make sure the driver is installed correctly for it)
  10. If you are connecting your system via wired and not wireless, make sure you have a link light lit on the network card where the cable is plugged in (if you don't have the light then you have a hardware issue somewhere)
  11. Click here for the differences in wired and wireless
  12. Make sure the workgroup name matches on all systems
  13. Make sure the Full computer name is different on each system.
  14. Be sure a file is shared on each system.
  15. Run the Network Wizard (Windows XP)
  16. Run Windows Update
  17. If you are using wireless, make sure the wireless is setup correctly. Click here for assistance with this.
  18. See if you can ping
  19. Try a repair of the connection (Windows XP only)
  20. Deleting Winsock may fix the issue (Windows XP only) (manual method)
  21. Download tool to fix Winsock. (Windows XP only) (using tool)
  22. Use the Software Troubleshooter page to troubleshoot software.