Computer and Software Support

Windows will not install

If you are trying to install windows but it won't install, try the following steps.

  1. Try cleaning the CD and CD-ROM drive.

  2. Try setting BIOS to default and clear NVRAM.

  3. Try running diagnostics on the system (If available).

  4. Download and run the memory diagnostics.

  5. Remove all PCI cards (Leave the AGP video card)

  6. Remove any USB devices.

  7. Reseat IDE and floppy cables.

  8. Reseat the power connections

  9. Reseat the memory. (if it works then the memory just needed to be reseated, or an indication that there is a problem with the memory or motherboard)

  10. If you have SDRAM, try it in a different slot. (if it works in a different slot then the motherboard is bad).

  11. If you have memory from another system that is the same as this one, try that memory here. (if it works than the memory is bad)

  12. If you have more than one stick of SDRAM, try one stick at a time.

  13. If you have onboard audio, try disabling it (if the BIOS allows it)

  14. If you have onboard network, try disabling it (if the BIOS allows it)

  15. If you have another operating system disk, try it. (if that works then the original CD is bad)

  16. If you have a hard drive from another system that you don't mind loosing data on, you can try the hard drive on this system (If the operating system loads, then the original hard drive is bad)

  17. If you have spare IDE cables, try them on the hard drive and CD-ROM (If the operating system loads, then the IDE cables were bad).

  18. If you have another CD-ROM drive, try it to see if the operating system loads. (if it does the CD-ROM drive is bad)