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The mouse allows you to click on clickable items on the screen. There is numerous types of mice on the market. There is two button, three button and various other combinations. Some mice even has a wheel.  There is trackballs that you move the arrow by moving the ball with your thumb. There are regular mice that you move the arrow by rolling the mouse on the table. There is also pointer mice that you move with your finger.

Generally the functions of the mouse are as follows

  • Left mouse button allows you to click on an item such as the following
    •  Activate hyperlinks
    • Select folders or open folders (depending on a single-click or double-click. It also depends on how you have the mouse setup. See note)
    • links
    • Selecting Options on menus
  • Right mouse button allows you to do the following
    • Bring up a menus
    • Bring up options
  • The Wheel allows the following
    • To scroll up and down on pages (some mice will allow you to scroll left and right as well)

Note: The above is the default settings. A user can go into the mouse settings and change the following

  • Sensitivity of the mouse moving across the screen
  • Sensitivity of the mouse click
  • Switch the buttons where the right does what the left did and the left does what the right did
  • Can change double-click to single click

For information on how to click and drag, click here

There is different types of mice. Some offer more options then mentioned here and some offer less options. Check the manual for your mouse.

ometimes the mouse will stick or will not move smoothly. If that happens take the ball out and clean the rollers.

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