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Problem Recorder 


Have you ever had a problem on your computer and need to get help. You call a friend or hire someone to look at your system but you have trouble explaining the problem to the person.

If you are having issues with a program or an action that you are doing, you can record the steps that you are doing. Once it is recorded, you can send the steps through mail, fax or internet via email to a helper. This will allow the person to see what you are doing when the issue was happening and see the error or problem. This way he/she can have a better idea what the issue is.

WARNING! This utility records the steps you are doing but it also records what is on your screen. If you have a document or file open that you do not want others to see, be sure the document is not open when you run the recorder because it takes a snapshot of what is showing on the screen.

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Do not have anything open on your desktop that you do not want your helper to see. The recorder takes a snapshot of your screen and your helper will see it. Close any program, pictures, notes or anything you don't want recorded before using this program!