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This is an excellent program to scan for spyware. In my opinion it is the best I have used so far.

To download Malwarebytes, go to They have a free version and a paid version (This is a third party website. The free version is available at the time of this posting.) The free does the same as the paid but will not update or scan automatically (you have to manually tell it to update and scan).

Malwarebytes also has a cleaner called AdwCleaner that is good. To download AdwCleaner, click here

Malwarebytes is now available for the Android phone. For more information on Malwarebytes for the phone, click hereYou can get the app at Google play and Amazon appstore for Android.

For assistance, click the link

If you cannot get Malwarebytes to run, the virus may be preventing it to run. Download Malwarebytes Chameleon


NOTE: When you install the free version of Malwarebytes, it doesn't automatically update. Only the paid version automatically updates itself. You do not have to install the paid version. When you have the free version, you will see a pop up periodically for you to update the software. You are not obligated to update or buy the software. There is no issue with that. If you do not want to see the pop ups, you will either have to buy the full version or uninstall the software.