Computer and Software Support

HP Printer Assistant 

 HP Officejet Pro 8600


For instructions accessing HP Printer Assistant, click Here

For assistance with using the program, click the item you need help with (All of these in this section is run via the computer)

  1. Print

    1. ePrint Setup

    2. Customize Your Printer

    3. See What's printing

    4. Maintain Your Printer

    5. Set preferences

    6. Printer Home Page (EWS)

  2. Scan

    1. Scan a Document or Photo

    2. Manage Scan to Computer

    3. Scan to E-mail Wizard

    4. Scan to Network Folder Wizard

  3. Fax

    1. Send a Fax

    2. Digital Fax Setup Wizard

    3. Fax Setup Wizard

    4. Manage Fax Settings


For help with Faxing, Copying, or other tasks directly from the printer without using the computer, click the task for instructions

  1. Scan from Printer

  2. Fax from the printer

  3. Copy from the printer

  4. Apps from the printer

  5. photo from the printer

  6. Setup

  7. Create a cover page



  1. Icons in Control Panel


Additional procedures

  1. Fax from File - Fax a file that is already on the computer


To download the user guide for the printer, click here