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Email troubleshooter

If you are having issues with your email, try the following steps. Some of the steps here may be duplicated from the other troubleshooter. If you have already done the step, then skip to the next step. It would be a good idea to just repeat the step. This will ensure that everything has been covered.

  1. Check the settings for your email. You may have to contact your ISP to make sure of the settings
  2. Try limiting MSCONFIG
  3. Try system restore
  4. Turn off Firewalls. If you are using Windows XP SP2, Windows has its own firewall as well as
  5. Try creating another user profile and see if it works there. If it does than the issue is with the profile
  6. Unable to send mail to numerous contacts at once
  7. Can receive mail but cannot send mail
  8. Issue with attachments
  9. Email pictures does not show.
  10. Check to see if Outlook is offline
  11. If you are using Exchange, try turning cache off. If it works with it off, then the problem might be with the cache. Click here for help
  12. Sent Email is not saved in the sent folder
  13. Cannot delete mail in Outlook Express
  14. Re-Register Outlook Express DLL files
  15. Make sure you have 128 bit Encryption
  16. Try resetting Internet Options
  17. Need to setup Outlook to receive AOL mail
  18. Try resetting the Cryptographic services
  19. Can't receive newsletters in AOL.
  20. If you are using Outlook Express try reinstalling Outlook Express (Windows XP with SP2 only)
  21. If you are using Outlook try a repair of office
  22. Do a repair of Internet Explorer.
  23. If you use Outlook Express, click here for possible fixes and issues.
  24. If you use Outlook, click here for possible fixes and issues.
  25. If you are on an Exchange Server, check this link out for possible fixes.
  26. Check Computer Problems for possible issues and fixes
  27. Use the Spyware Troubleshooter
  28. Use the Software Troubleshooter