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Below is information on using the internet and information on it

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Section B

  • BCC - Blind Carbon Copy

  • BCC reason - Why should you use blind copy in email

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Section H

  • History - What happens to the history of the websites I have visited in Internet Explorer
  • History - What is history
  • History deletion - How to delete internet history and adjust setting
  • Host file - How to reset host file
  • HTML association - How to associate HTML to Internet explorer
  • HyperTerminal - Windows communications window that can be used to troubleshoot connection issues.

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Section N

  • Network - Information on networks and instructions on setting up a network
  • Network diagnostics - How to run diagnostics on your network

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Section Q

Section R

  • Router - Information on routers

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Section Z

  • Zoom issue - Is your picture too small or too large?